About us

The company

GV Mobile Partners Ltd is a mobile marketing company based in UK, with a branch in Italy, who created Hi-code, the first QR code in the world that can be 100% customizable with images/logos and texts. Hi-code is a revolution in the QR code world since it combines the attractiveness of the visual with the power of the technology to easily manage them. As senior experts in mobile marketing and software development, we have developed a multitask platform to create, manage and track the new QR codes in a dynamic way. Our customers can easily create landing pages optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and choose the best strategy to make their QR code mobile campaign effective. Hi-code can be scanned only through the Hi-code APP available for Ios and Android. The APP enables to gather datas and insights on users and direct to them customized messages.

The Mission

Hi-Code is an online service that aims to give the opportunity to all companies to create by themselves their own advertisements on Internet, with no special technical knowledge, and without having to deal with large investments. Existing QR-Codes are typically used for advertising but they are sometimes anonymous, cold and you need to read them to get the content. Hi-Code, the speaking QR-Code, wants to allow people to get the content visible to the naked eyes in order to allow people to read only the code they are really interested in. If you want to have an hoc support from our team, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to provide you a personalized offer.

The Vision

In the digital world there are millions of web sites and billion of products browsed by billion of users every day through desktops and mobile devices. Advertise your web site is not enough for reaching new customers today so Hi-Code, the new QR code, based on a large analysis of users behavior, built and delivered a new platform for mobile marketing campaigns. The platform development is always in progress and new functionalities will be periodically made available in order to help you meet your marketing goals.

The Culture

The fundamental principles of Hi-Code staff are customer satisfaction and transparency. We provide our services in a serious and responsible way, respecting the environment and the trust that customers place in us. We are constantly available to answer any of your requests. Do not hesitate to contact us for asking any information.